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Idea shared by Jhonny (Staff) - 5/11/2017 at 6:36 AM
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All users of Vigeowebsite and the general public can access, in our YouTube channel and from our Knowledge Base, Tutorial Videos that will allow them to learn very easily how to use Vigeowebsite.
The tutorial videos of about one minute duration on average show how to perform each of the tasks required to build or manage your website with Vigeowebsite.

Learn each of the five steps with the lists

In our YouTube channel, we have grouped into playlists the tasks you need to perform to complete each of the five steps.
From each of these lists, you can play all the content and sequentially follow each of the videos until completing each step.
We have also clearly identified each video in the list so that you can quickly find the video that corresponds to the task you want to see.

Jhonny Vigeowebsite Team

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