About Social Media

We have integrated in your website the most important social media in the market so that your visitors can find it everywhere.
You can select to activate or not the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, Googleplus and Youtube.

Social Network in the Header and Footer of your website

You can activate from one to nine social networks all integrated into your website. In addition, you can decide the order in which you want the icons to appear.
The social networks you activate will appear in the Header and Footer of your website.
If you do not activate any social media, no reference to social networks will appear on your website.

Reach a broader audience

Broadcasting your message across different social media offers the possibility of reaching a wider audience.
Having all your communication channels grouped in your website offers the possibility to your visitors and potential clients, to follow your message using the medium that is the most convenient for them.
We are attentive to add new social networks in the next launches according to the needs of our clients and the market trends.