Other Features

Password Validation
In order for a password to be accepted by the Dashboard or your website, it must meet the following requirements:
  • Have a minimum length of 6 characters.
  • Have at least one character that is a symbol, it is not a letter or a digit.
  • Have at least one character that is a digit.
  • Have at least one character that is a lowercase letter.
  • Have at least one character that is a uppercase letter.
Confirm Email
They are sent and required to verify the user and reset the passwords.
Verify Code
They are sent and required for two-phase authentication. The Dashboard and your website use the Phone and Email steps to send a code that must then be entered to verify the user.
User Verification
For security reasons we have implemented the following rules to verify users:
  • If the user or visitor fails to enter his login 5 times in a row his account will be blocked.
  • The time period in which an account will remain blocked will be 5 minutes, then the user or visitor can try to log in again.
  • Confirm Emails and Verify Codes can be used up to a maximum of 3 hours, after that time will require a new Confirm Email or Verify Code.
Progress Bar
Whenever the Dashboard user or visitor to your website enter information or perform any data refresh, an animated horizontal bar of color will appear indicating that the application is performing the task you have requested.
Please be patient, do not close the window, or navigate to another site while the progress bar is present. Wait for the progress bar to disappear before continuing with another task.
All areas of the Dashboard that can handle many images include a Gallery that allows you to view all the images entered without any other distractions.