Requirements for

This compressed file of requirements must contain the following:
  • A plain text file called look.txt containing the information specified below.
  • One or more tos-xx.pdf files containing the information specified below.


This plain text file will contain three sections:
  • Idioms - Specify only the languages in which you want to transmit your message: EN (English), ES (Spanish), DE (German), FR (French), IT (Italian), PT (Portuguese).
  • Social Network - Specify the Link Url only of the social networks you have: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, Google+, Youtube.
  • Side Description - Specify a short description (max 160 characters) for your website that you want to appear on search engines like Google or Bing. You must specify the description in each Idioms you want to use.
Example look.txt file
Suppose you want your website in English (EN) and Spanish (ES) and you have a presence on three social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then your look.txt file would look like:

Social Network

Side Description
Vigeowebsite is an web application that lets you generate in a few steps and easily, a modern,
powerful and dynamic website without technical skills.
Vigeowebsite es una aplicación web que le permite generar en pocos pasos y fácilmente, un moderno,
impactante y dinámico sitio web sin conocimientos técnicos.


This pdf file will contain the terms and conditions of the service you are providing through your website, as well as your privacy policies. You must specify a tos-xx.pdf in each idiom you want to use, replacing xx with EN (English), ES (Spanish), DE (German), FR (French), IT (Italian), PT (Portuguese).
Example tos-xx.pdf file
Following our previous example, if you want to use EN (English) and ES (Spanish) on your website, then you will need to create two tos-xx.pdf files:
  • tos-EN.pdf - For your terms and conditions in English
  • tos-ES.pdf - For your terms and conditions in Spanish

Example file

Taking into account the two examples above, your file will contain three files:
  • look.txt
  • tos-EN.pdf
  • tos-ES.pdf