Can I create weekly promotions for my website?
Question asked by Yesenia Pantaleon - 9/20/2018 at 12:47 PM
I have weekly promotions that I would like to show on my website, can I create them and upload them to my website?
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Jhonny (Staff) Replied
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Hello Yesenia Pantaleon,
Yes is possible, you can add promotions at any time, you can even do it from your phone!
The Promotionals section of your Dashboard allows you to add promotional, imagery for advertising purposes that refer to your products or services in promotion.
Each promotional must be associated with a product or service in promotion, therefore, you must create the product or service in promotion before you can add the promotional associated with them.
Code and Images
Each promotional you enter into your Dashboard consists of two elements:
Promotional Code - Represents a name or code that uniquely identifies the promotional.
Promotional Image - Represents the image of the promotion you want to display on your website.
Promotionals in the Home of your website
You can select two promotionals to appear in the Home of your website.
When a visitor to your website clicks on the promotional image, the visitor can see the product or service associated with the promotional.
It was a pleasure to help you, I hope the information is useful.
Thank you

Jhonny Vigeowebsite Team

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