About Login and Logout

In order to enter your Dashboard, it is necessary to have a Vigeowebsite Account configured and obtain the Email and Password through the "Your Vigeowebsite Account Configured" email that we sent you when we confirm that your account was configured.
To locate your Email and Password necessary to enter your Dashboard, look in the inbox of the email that you used when you purchased the service, the email that has subject: Your Vigeowebsite Account Configured, under the Login Vigeowebsite Account Details section you can see your Email and Password in addition to the Vigeowebsite Dashboard URL (https://www.yourdomain.com/admin/, replace yourdomain.com with your domain), which is the address you should copy in your browser to go to your Dashboard. Check your spam folder if it's missing.
If you accidentally deleted the email, do not find it, or changed your password but do not remember it, do not worry, to recover your password follow the instructions in Forgot your password?


You must log in to your Dashboard to perform any task. With the exception of the Help menu and the Language section under Settings, all other sections of the Dashboard that you try to access without having previously logged in will take you directly to the Login screen.
You only need to log in when you access the Dashboard or if after logging in you spend a long period of time without your doing any activity, this is a security measure in order to protect your information.
Also, you can avoid having to log in every time you want to access the Dashboard as shown in How to Login to Dashboard, but only use this option if the device on which you are running your browser is your property and only you have access to this.
Your Dashboard is optimized to allow concurrent access of users, so that several users can work together, so each user must log on with their own account.


When you finish your work, close your session in the Dashboard as in How to Logout of Dashboard.
If the same device is shared by two or more users to access the Dashboard, then the current user of the Dashboard must log off before another user can log into the Dashboard from the same device. You do not need to close the browser or load the Dashboard again.