What is Startups Program?

It's Vigeowebsite Hosted for Startups.
We are offering special plans from Vigeowebsite to qualified Startups.
Startups Program allows the Startups to acquire Vigeowebsite Plans at special prices with 42% less than regular price.
In addition, all startups participating in this program will always get our Website Build Service completely free whether this service is on promotion or not.

Duration of Vigeowebsite Startup Plans

Vigeowebsite Startup Plans have a maximum duration of 1 year. After the initial year if you wish you can migrate to any of our regular plans and get new incentives.
We have created the Startups Program in order to support your Startup in the initial launch of your product or service, which is why we offer you for one year the lowest prices in any plans that are part of Startups Program compared to our regular prices.

Learn about our Startups Program