How does Startups Program work?

With our Startups Program your Startup get our Website Build Service completely free and the lowest prices for one year in any plans that are part of Startups Program.
To join the Startups Program you must first qualify and your membership be approved by us.
After you make the purchase of a Vigeowebsite Plan within Startups Program, we proceed to activate your Startup Account and then activate for you our Website Build Service.

Startups Program Process

  1. Qualify for Startups Program.
  2. Active Startup Account .
  3. We build your new website with our Website Build Service.
  4. You get access to Vigeowebsite Dashboard to manage your website, when you want it.
  5. The Startup Plan you bought you can manage it from your Client Area with your Startup Account.

Validity of affiliation

Vigeowebsite Startup Plans have a maximum duration of 1 year. After the initial year if you wish you can migrate to any of our regular plans and get new incentives.
If the program is suspended for any reason, new memberships will also be suspended. Startups that are already members of the program, can continue to enjoy the same benefits as up to the time of suspension.
Please note that when you withdraw from our Startups Program or are suspended from it at the time you breach with our Terms of Service or Startups Agreement, the plan associated with your startup account will remain in effect until the end of the invoiced period of the plan.

Do you have any question?

Go to our Support Portal and click on Start Ticket to open a ticket to the Sales Department and choose Startups​ Program for the Category.
We will be happy to respond to you as soon as possible.