How to Qualify for Startups Program

Qualified Startups

  • Are new to Vigeowebsite.
  • Have less than $1M in funding.
  • Has less than 24 months in the market.
  • The product or service it offers has less than 12 months in the market.
  • Should apply the Unlock Code to their order before purchasing.
If you are a Qualified Startup, follow the steps below if you want Qualify for our Startups Program
  1. Go to our Support Portal and click on Start Ticket to open a ticket to the Sales Department.
  2. Fill out all required fields on the form
    • Email - Your email address.
    • Name - Enter your Full Name.
    • Category - Choose Startups Program.
    • Subject - Enter Request to join the Startups Program.
    • Message Body - Tell us about yourself, your startup, your project or service and anything else that will help us to know you more.
    • Attachments - Attach any other information if you deem it necessary.
After evaluating your request, the Sales Department will respond to your ticket.
If you have been positively evaluated for our Startups Program you should follow the steps described in How to Active Startup Account?