Default Theme

A Default Theme is the main theme of your website, the theme that you will use each ordinary day of the year and the theme your visitors will see most often.
You can load unlimited default themes for your website from the Dashboard but only activate one theme at a time.
Why would you use more than one default theme?
The main reason why you would use more than one theme by default is to get your visitors' attention on days that mark a special date:
  • Anniversary of your company, business, organization, product or service.
  • Start a new campaign or product marketing
  • Remember memorable dates
Over time, any website, no matter how shocking that it is, after months or years loses freshness and must be visually renewed so that your visitors continue to maintain interest and they want come back. Have more than one default theme allows you to:
  • Change the look and feel of your website at any time with one click.
  • Keep your website fresh and visually active.
  • Rotate themes for specific times of the day or week. For example:
    • A theme for all day until 18:00
    • A theme for the night
    • A theme for the weekend

With a single click

For your website to change when you wish or according to seasons or holidays, with any plan you select, you will get free access to all our Default, Seasonal and Holiday Themes.
With a single click change your website default theme to another or change to a seasonal or holidays theme and when the season or holiday ends or when you want to return to your website default theme, also do it with a single click.