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Idea shared by Jhonny (Staff) - 4/20/2017 at 7:21 AM
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In the Tutorial Videos section of our Knowledge Base and on our Youtube channel you will find short tutorials that describe how to use each of the features of the Dashboard.
The purpose of these tutorials is to help our users to make use of all the benefits offered by their Dashboard.
We will be continually adding new tutorials as well as adjusting existing tutorials as needed to adapt to new versions of the Dashboard.

Do you want to propose topics for tutorials?

If you want to propose a topic for the next tutorials on the use of the Dashboard, that we have not treated and that would be useful for the community, please contact us by following these parameters:
  • Open a ticket for the Support Department and select the Dashboard category.
  • In the subject of the message write the topic for the tutorial along with a brief description.
We will evaluate your proposal as soon as possible and act accordingly.

Jhonny Vigeowebsite Team

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