Welcome to the Vigeowebsite Community!
Idea shared by Lawrence (Staff) - 12/16/2016 at 12:16 AM
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Welcome the Vigeowebsite User Community!
Community is the meeting place for Vigeowebsite users to share ideas, report problems or ask questions. This area of the Portal is where members will be able to interact with each other about various different topics. Based on the rules set up, which are found below, members will be able to post new threads, reply to threads and even comment directly on individual posts. Members will also be able to indicate whether or not they agree with what the author has to say by casting an up or down vote on each thread and post.
Here are some rules you accept when you participate as a member of the community:
  1. The incorporation, permanence and exit of the community is by its own will, unless it violates any of the rules indicated here and its participation is banned.
  2. Threads should be related to the Vigeowebsite service, the Dashboard and any other software, tool and complimentary service.
  3. You can write and comment what you want on any existing threads or that you believe, as long as you are polite and respectful of other users in the community.
  4. The community may not be used for another different use for which it was created, for example, but not limited to, it is prohibited to use the community to carry out trade of any kind; promote advertising not directly related to the Vigeowebsite service; publish content that infringes on intellectual property, is obscene, offensive, defamatory or otherwise harmful in any way.
  5. All content that complies with the rules set forth here and published in the community shall be freely accessible to all members of the community.
  6. Any other rule not expressly stated here will be governed by our Terms of Service.
  7. Violating any of the rules outlined here, is reason enough to be excluded from participating in the discussions and banned from the community.
Some recommendations that will allow to achieve a more effective communication between the members of the community:
  • Before creating a new thread, make sure there is no similar thread. If the thread already exists, review the discussion, perhaps you can get a response to your concern, or participate in the discussion by making your comments.
  • When creating a new thread:
  1. Choose whether you want to propose an idea, report a problem, or ask a question. The choice of thread type (Ideas, Problems and Questions) is very important to organize the content.
  2. Choose the category that best describes the thread, if none of the categories in the list fit the description of the thread select "General Discussion".
  3. Make use of tags that are relevant to the thread, either creating new ones or selecting some of the existing ones.
  • Remember that you are part of a community, your ideas, problems and questions, can and will be shared by other members of the community, following these recommendations will allow you and other users to easily locate a topic when doing a search.
We invite you to participate actively in the community to always be informed of everything that happens around Vigeowebsite.
Vigeowebsite Team