About Themes Structure

Vigeowebsite uses themes based on a very simple structure. In Vigeowebsite we have developed this structure with the aim of facilitating to the designers the development of new themes and the personalization of the existing themes.
All Vigeowebsite themes (Default, Holidays or Seasonal) use the same structure.
The structure of the Vigeowebsite themes is based fundamentally on in the following components:

Create your own Vigeowebsite themes

Designers can develop their own themes for Vigeowebsite and use them on the website they generate (see What is Designers Program?).
The new Vigeowebsite themes developed by the designers are exclusively owned by them.
The authorship of the Vigeowebsite themes will be recognized as: <Theme Name> (by <Designer Name>)

Uses Vigeowebsite Market

The designer of a Vigeowebsite theme if you wish can offer your creations to the community only through Vigeowebsite Market.
For your theme to appear on Vigeowebsite Market must be first checked and approved by our team who will ensure that your theme meets all parameters set for Vigeowebsite themes.

Non-commercial use

Non-commercial use of Vigeowebsite Market is free for all designers wishing to make their creations available to the entire community at no cost.

Commercial use

The commercial use of Vigeowebsite Market carries the charge of a commission (a percentage of the price of the item offered) for each successful transaction that takes place.


The item designer is responsible for setting the price of your item and verifying its compatibility with the new versions of Vigeowebsite.