Theme Components

A Vigeowebsite theme is composed of five folders and a .json file:
  • A single folder with the name of the theme that we will call main folder.
  • Four sub-folders grouped under the main folder.
  • A json file that is also named as the theme.

Theme Folders

Let's assume that the Vigeowebsite theme we want to create is called Woodlight.
The main folder will be:
  • Woodlight
The four sub-folders that make up the theme are:
Then, our folder structure will have the form:
  • Woodlight
    • Background
    • Header
    • Job
    • Promotion

Theme File

It is a .json text file containing all the specs of the theme.
This file can be created using any simple text editor such as Notepad or some other.
Recall that we are assuming that the Vigeowebsite theme that we want to create is called Woodlight.
The theme file will be:
  • Woodlight.json
We already have the structure of our theme armed, now let's see more in detail: