Seasonal Theme

A Seasonal Theme will be used during some or all days corresponding to the season of the year that the theme represents: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter.
You can load unlimited seasonal themes for your website from the Dashboard but only activate one theme at a time.
The benefits of using more than one seasonal theme are:
  • Get your visitors' attention on days that mark a season of the year.
  • Show an active and dynamic website to your visitors tailored to every seasonal.
  • Change the look and feel of your website at any time with one click.

With a single click

For your website to change when you wish or according to seasons or holidays, with any plan you select, you will get free access to all our Default, Seasonal and Holiday Themes.
With a single click change your website default theme to another or change to a seasonal or holidays theme and when the season or holiday ends or when you want to return to your website default theme, also do it with a single click.