Minimum information required to build your new website

In order for us to deliver your new website fully functional, as soon as possible, you must provide us with all the required information and only based on the parameters set out below.
You will be solely responsible for the information you provide us and you must ensure that you have all the copyright of each of the images or texts provided.
Remember that infringing copyright is punishable by law, you should only use images and texts of their authorship or those that have obtained authorization to use or are free use.

Information we require

The information that you send us must be contained in 4 compressed zip files according to the indications that you can find in the links that appear below:

How to send us the information

  1. Open for each compressed zip files (look, home, products, shop) a ticket to the Support Department, select the Website category and in the subject type BUILD followed by the name of the compressed zip file (BUILD look, BUILD home, BUILD products, BUILD shop).
  2. Use Attachments to send us the compressed zip file containing the required information, as indicated above.
  3. In the body of the message write us any additional information or information that you consider pertinent.
Open only one ticket for each compressed zip file, we will confirm receipt of each of your compressed zip files by responding to your ticket number.
Once we have received all four compressed zip files and verified that the information is complete and is under the required parameters, as soon as possible, you will have your new website fully functional and you can continue to administer it from your Dashboard.