Requirements for

This compressed file of requirements must contain the following:
  • A plain text file called shop.txt containing the information specified below.
  • The following png image files. All measurements are in pixels (px) of the shape (width x height):
    • We Are Imagen - A png image file, an image of your staff or another that you want to include and that will appear next to the description and characteristics of your business.
    • Shop Imagenes - Two png image files showing your company or business can also be two other promotional images or other two images that you want to appear in the contact form.
You can then add more We Are Imagenes and Shop Imagenes from your Dashboard.


This plain text file will contain two sections:
  • We Are - Information about your company or business, main product/service:
    • Description - Specify a brief description of your company or your main product or service.
    • Text Apex - Specify more detailed features of your main product or service.
  • Contact - Contact information and locate your business on Google Maps:
    • Phone - Specify a contact phone number if you want it to appear on your website.
    • Currency - Specify the currency in which the prices of your products or services are expressed if you handle any.
    • Address - Specify your address so that your business can be located on Google Maps.
You must specify the information in each language that you want to use, EN (English), ES (Spanish), DE (German), FR (French), IT (Italian), PT (Portuguese).
Example shop.txt file
Suppose you want your website in English (EN) and Spanish (ES), then your shop.txt file would look like:
We Are
Vigeowebsite is an web application based on presets designs, themes and plugins, that lets you
generate in a few steps and easily, a modern, powerful and dynamic website without technical
Vigeowebsite es una aplicación web basada en diseños, temas y plugins, que le permite generar en
pocos pasos y fácilmente, un moderno, impactante y dinámico sitio web sin la necesidad de
conocimientos técnicos.
Text Apex
Multi-Languages. English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese, other languages will be
added. Choose the language or languages in which you want to display your website and you can work
in the language you want independently.
User Control. Assign your employees or collaborators the tasks you want them to perform and only
grant them the necessary permissions.
Multi-Idiomas. Inglés, Español, Alemán, Francés, Italiano y Portugués, otros idiomas se irán
añadiendo. Escoja el o los idiomas en los que desee mostrar su sitio web y trabaje en el idioma que
desee de forma independiente.
Control de Usuarios. Asigne a sus empleados o colaboradores las tareas que desee que realicen y
sólo otórgueles los permisos que sean necesarios.

Phone: +1 (888) 888-8888
Currency: $
Address: 4001 NW 97th Ave, Doral, FL 33178, Estados Unidos

We Are Imagen

Specify a png image file:
  • wa-imagetitle.png - Minimum size in px: 614 x 327
  • We will use imagetitle in the filename as the title of the image.

Shop Imagenes

Specify two image files png:
  • su-imagetitle.png - Minimum size in px: 270 x 238
  • sd-imagetitle.png - Minimum size in px: 270 x 238
  • We will use imagetitle in the filename as the title of the image.

Example file

Your compressed file will contain four files:
  • shop.txt
  • wa-imagetitle.png
  • su-imagetitle.png
  • sd-imagetitle.png
Replace imagetitle with the title of your images.