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Idea shared by Lawrence (Staff) - 1/19/2017 at 8:40 AM
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We currently offer Vigeowebsite in six languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese. Other languages will be added later.
If you feel like participating and help us with the revision of the currently available translations or you want to see translated Vigeowebsite in your language or any other language of your interest, we invite you to join the Vigeowebsite Translation Groups.

Before joining a Translation Group

There is only one requirement, you must fluently handle our base language which is english, and of course you must have an acceptable command of the language you wish to translate.
If you have these capabilities, we will gladly incorporate you into a translation group.

How to join a Translation Group

It's very easy, just open a ticket to the Review Department and select the Translations category. In the subject of the message write the language with which you want to help us in the translation and in the body of the message tell us a little of you and your experience with that language.
The Review Department, after processing your ticket, will assign you to the language translation group of your interest and will contact you to provide the base files in english for translation. Also, you will be given the rules you must follow to be able to incorporate your translation along with the translations of the rest of the group.
Once we have a sufficient number of translations, we will proceed with its verification and with the subsequent release of the respective module.
Vigeowebsite Team

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