Submenu Icons File

The Submenu Icons File contains all the specs of the submenu icons. 
The Submenu Icons File has the following features:
  • The file name is the same as the submenu name.
  • It is a text file in JSON format (key: value)
  • The file extension will be .json
  • The Submenu Icons File name will have the form: submenuname.json
  • It is a file with a strict structure, simple and well defined.
  • The file consists of two sections:
    • Submenu
    • Icons

Submenu Section

This section consists of only one property.


  • Submenu - Take the submenu name as value.
"Submenu": "Cafeteria"

Icons Section

This section consists of an array of objects representing one or more icons that we wish to configure in the submenu (Home) of the website.


  • Code - Take a descriptive name of the Submenu Icon Image as value.
  • Image - Take the file name the Submenu Icon Image as value.
"Icons": [
      "Code": "Cake",
      "Image": "cake.png"
      "Code": "Coffe",
      "Image": "coffe.png"
      "Code": "Croissant",
      "Image": "croissant.png"
      "Code": "Cupcake",
      "Image": "cupcake.png"
      "Code": "Donuts",
      "Image": "donuts.png"

Submenu Icons File Restrictions

Your submenu icons file must comply with all of the following restrictions:
  • The name of Icons section and its properties is fixed and can not be changed.
  • New sections can not be added.
  • Can not delete Icons section.
  • New properties can not be added to Icons section.
  • Can not remove properties from Icons section.
  • The submenu name must be the same as the one used for the main folder and for the submenu icons file.
  • The submenu name must be less than 50 characters.
  • Number of objects in the Icons arrays has no limitations.
See Submenu Icons Best Practices for more details.
In Submenu Icons Example you will find a complete example of a Vigeowebsite Submenu Icons.