About Theme

The theme of your website determines how this looks and feels. By changing the theme, you are changing the visual aspect of your website.
Through the theme, you can control how different areas of your website look like the header and background. You can select the colors you want to use in the main areas of your website and identify your brand or business. The theme also contains the images used in the job offers and in the promotional bands of the products.

Activate the theme with a click

The themes according to their function can be of two types:
  • Default or Fixed - Will be the default theme for your website, always used except for some particular dates.
  • Temporary or periodic - They are the Holiday and Seasonal themes, used only on particular dates, holidays or seasons.
You can load several default, holiday and seasonal themes for your website and activate any of them with a single click at any time you want.
Usually, you will have a default theme that will identify your brand or business and which will be the one you will use most of the year. In addition, you will have holidays themes to use during different celebrations such as Valentine's day, Halloween or Christmas and you can also have seasonal themes for the different seasons of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).
For example, with a single click you can switch from your default theme to a Christmas theme and when the holidays end, or whenever you wish, you can activate your default theme again with a single click.

Attract the attention of visitors and customers

The themes offer dynamism and visual impact to your website, essential elements for your visitors and customers to be attracted or come back.
A static website does not have the impact of your website which can make emphasis on every celebration such as St Patricks, Black Friday or Spring breake and the best thing is that it only needs a click to move on to a Holiday or Seasonal theme and when you want, a single click to return to your default theme.
Each Vigeowebsite account includes totally free of charge our default themes package, our holiday themes package and our seasonal themes package, we recommend you try them and use them to attract the attention of your visitors and potential clients.