Learn how to use Vigeowebsite with mind maps and tutorial videos

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our Knowledge Base and incorporated new resources so our users can easily continue to learn how to use Vigeowebsite to build and manage their website.

Step by Step Manual

We have incorporated into our Knowledge Base a step-by-step manual that will take you by the hand in the accomplishment of any task that you want to do with your Dashboard.
This step-by-step manual contains the actual images of each screen of your Dashboard including the interactions that occur in the use of your Dashboard.
We are sure you will find this reference manual very useful, our purpose is that you can make use of every feature offered by your Dashboard.

Mind Maps, always innovating!

The Vigeowebsite team is always looking for new and practical methods that allow our users to learn how to use Vigeowebsite in the clearest, easiest and most enjoyable way possible.
Thinking about the above, we have incorporated mind maps into our Knowledge Base. Now, every task you can perform with your Dashboard to carry out every step of building or managing your website, is represented through a mind map.
Mind Maps allow you to convey an idea very schematically and we have used them to show you the process that you must follow to perform a certain task with your Dashboard.
If you are a fan of mind maps you will feel at ease with this new way of learning. If on the contrary, you have never heard of mind maps or know very little about them, we invite you to take a look and discover a very easy way of learning.

Tutorial Videos

If mind maps is not your thing, do not worry, also every task you can perform with your Dashboard to carry out every step of building or managing your website, is represented through a tutorial video.
Through short videos, you can easily follow any of the tasks you can perform with your Dashboard in a clear and precise, beginning to end and step by step.
We have incorporated the tutorial videos into our Knowledge Base so that it is very easy for you to find the video about the task you want to consult.

New Resources

To our Knowledge Base, we have incorporated new and innovative resources that we are sure will be of great use in your learning how to use Vigeowebsite.
The visual manual lets you see very quickly how a particular area of your Dashboard affects how your website will look. The guides take you sequentially for the tasks you must follow to complete each of the five steps.
You have five different ways to learn how to use Vigeowebsite:
  1. Visual Manual
  2. Step by Step Manual
  3. Mind Maps
  4. Tutorial Videos
  5. Guides
Vigeowebsite is the new and most innovative service that completely transforms the concept of website builder, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. In addition, you now have a wide variety of resources that will allow you to learn how to use Vigeowebsite. Good learning!