Domain Transfer

We can register about 500 different domain names and although the vast majority of these domains can also be transferred to us, there are a few domains that you can not transfer us: ac, sh, bz, nu, be, tc, vg, ms, cm, gs, jp,,,,, at, am, nl, it, fm
Here is important information you need to know if you want to transfer your domain:
  • We are not responsible for domains that expire prior to a successful transfer. You do not lose any time, or pay for overlapping months. With the exception of .eu domain names, transfer adds a full year to the current expiration date.
  • Transfer authorization code: Is a security code that indicates you have the right to transfer the domain name. Transferring .com and .net domain names requires an EPP transfer authorization code. Please contact your current registrar to obtain this code prior to submitting your transfer request.
  • For .eu domains: The current registrant contact email address will receive email from the .eu registry (EURid) which needs to be approved within 7 days of the transfer order. The new expiration date of the domain will be 1 year from the completion date of the transfer.