Vigeowebsite Updates

With all our Vigeowebsite Plans you have access to periodic and automatic updates of the application. You do not have to do anything, we do everything.
What do the version numbers mean?
The version number (#. #. #) Indicates the release level of the application as follows:
  1. The first # (far left) indicates a Major Update Release
    • Included: Changes to the base code and major new functionality
    • Periodicity: 1 - 2 per year
  2. The second # (middle) indicates a Minor Update Release
    • Included: New functionalities and features and updates of system dependencies
    • Periodicity: 2 - 4 per year
  3. The third # (far right) indicates a Maintenance Update Release
    • Included: Fundamentally focused on bug fixes
    • Periodicity: 6 - 8  per year
The importance of having Vigeowebsite Update and its periodicity:
  • Get bug fixes very quickly.
  • We constantly update security.
  • We update application dependencies as they are updated.
  • We adopt the new technologies to be always at the forefront
  • We are constantly thinking of new and exciting features
Feature available in version 1.3.1 and above
We update the way you see the version of Vigeowebsite you are using, now you must only pass the mouse cursor over the image of Vigeowebsite located in the footer of the Dashboard.
Feature available in version 1.3.1 and above
We have built a new About Vigeowebsite under Settings that will make it easier to see information about the version.