Free Setup

When you purchase any of the Vigeowebsite Plans, we must setup your account. This setup is totally free and is part of the Vigeowebsite Plan that you acquired.
Here's a look at what we do before, during and after we set up your Vigeowebsite account:
  1. Verification of payment
  2. Domain Registration Process
  3. DNS Management
  4. Setting Up Your New Domain As Email Domain
  5. Creating Your Primary Account to Manage Email Accounts
  6. Process of issuing the SSL-SD certificate
  7. Dedicated IP configuration required by your SSL-SD certificate
  8. SSL-SD certificate configuration for your domain
  9. Setting up your Vigeowebsite Hosted 
  10. Creation of the MSSQL Server Databases that integrate with Vigeowebsite
  11. Installation of Vigeowebsite and its Dashboard
  12. Verification that everything is ok.
In all our plans we include totally free, a Default Theme Pack, a Seasonal Themes Pack and a Holiday Themes Pack.
After everything has been verified, we proceed to send you an email with all the information you require to start uploading your data.
For more information we recommend reading, How long does it take to activate my account?