Theme Header Image

Image that we wish to configure as the header of the website.

Image Features

  • Format: png
  • Size width: variable
  • Size height: 40 px
  • Bit Depth: variable
  • If the height of the image is greater than 40 px, the height of the image is automatically adjusted to 40 px.
  • Its shape can be square or rectangular.
  • This image will be replicated to cover the entire header of the website.
Examples of sizes for Theme Header Image, all measurements are in pixels (px) of the shape (width x height):
  • 89x40, 96x40, 98x40, 108x40, 125x40, 153x40, 164x40
  • 299x43
  • 139x45, 154x45
  • 92x50, 150x50
  • 30x55, 70x55, 83x55, 172x55, 188x55, 250x55, 350x55

Examples Theme Header Image


header_woodlight_yelow.png (30x55: 4 bits)


This is seen on the website


header_halloween.png (188x55: 32 bits)


This is seen on the website