How does Reseller Program work?

You get a commission in money for referring new customers to us.
To join the Reseller Program you must first qualify and your affiliation be approved by us.
After we have activated your Reseller Account, you can start with the direct sales of our service.

Reseller Process

  • To make the direct sale, you must go to your Client Area and select Affiliates.
  • At the bottom of the Affiliates page click on our banner.
  • Proceed with the sale as in Purchase and Activation Process of your Vigeowebsite Plan.
  • You get one time commission fixed money of $50.00 for each new customer you refer to us.
  • The commission for the referred client is immediately recorded in your Commissions Pending Maturation, but will have a payment delay of 30 days. This maturation period is to ensure that the client you refer contracts the service for at least one month and you can receive your commission.
  • If the customer referred by you cancels your account with us before 30 days, the commission is void and therefore you will not receive it.
  • Commissions that reach the maturity period of 30 days will automatically add to your Available Commissions Balance.
  • If your Available Commissions Balance is greater than or equal to $25.00 when you wish you can make a Request Reward so that we can transfer your Available Commissions Balance to your PayPal account associated with the email that you have registered with us. You should note that PayPal will charge you a commission for every transfer we make to your PayPal account. Currently, PayPal will charge you 2.9 percent of the amount we send you, plus an additional 30 cents.
  • All Affiliates Reward Requests Successful are added to Total Amount Rewarded so you can see the total amount in money you have received for the Reseller Program.
When you make a direct sale from your Client Area by clicking on our banner located on the bottom of your Affiliates page you will earn a commission.

Validity of affiliation

Your affiliation to our Reseller Program is only valid for the duration of the program. If the program is suspended for any reason, its affiliation will also be suspended and will cease to be operational from that moment.
Please note that when you withdraw from our Reseller Program or are suspended from it at the time you breach with our Reseller Agreement or because the program was suspended, in any of these cases, any commission pending maturity that reaches the maturity Period of 30 days and available commissions, will be transferred to your PayPal account associated with the email that you have registered with us.