How do I view my affiliate statistics?

You have live stats/info for affiliates from your Client Area.
These statistics are in real time and update instanly, transparency is very important to us!
To view your affiliate statistics follow these steps
1. Go to your Client Area.
2. Click on Affiliates above in the main menu.
3. You can see the Affiliates screen where you can follow your statistics

Your affiliate statistics

  • Clicks - The total number of clicks made by your visitors on our banner.
  • Signups - The total number of new customers referred by you from your website (they are the ones that generate commission).
  • Conversions - Percentage of Clicks that were transformed into Signups.

Your Unique Referral Link

Thus we know that you are you. Note the part of the link that shows aff=1, this example indicates that your affiliate number is 1. This number is unique for each affiliate and is assigned when you activate your affiliate account.

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Your referrals

A table with the relevant information about your commissions by the new customers that you have referred to us.
We send Monthly Referrals Reports to Affiliates on the 1st of each month.

Link to Us

Show our banner and the code that we add to your website.  Below you can see a live example, move the cursor over the image to see the message and then click to follow the link.