How to Active Affiliate Account?

We generates a unique code for each client to use on their website. 
Activating your affiliate account is very easy by following the steps below.
1. Go to your Client Area.
2. Click on Affiliates above in the main menu.
3. Wait for the screen to appear to activate
4. Click on Activate Affiliate Account
After step 4 you can see the Affiliates screen where you can follow your statistics and other relevant information for your control.
In the Link to Us section of the Affiliates screen you can see our banner (240x59) and the code we will add to your website. 
Note the part of the code that shows aff = 1, this example indicates that your affiliate number is 1. This number is unique for each affiliate and is assigned when you activate your affiliate account.
Below you can see a live example, move the cursor over the image to see the message and then click to follow the link.
Our banner has the same height as the SSL Seal and will also be located at the end of your website at the far right, without obstructing or altering in any way its message and maintaining the aesthetics.
Feature available in version 1.2.3 and above
From version 1.2.3 and above after step 4 you should follow the process below:
1. Go to your Dashboard and Login.
2. Click Settings 
3. Select Optionals.
4. On the Optionals page check the Affiliation option and in Affiliation Number enter the affiliation number that was assigned to you (aff=x) when you activate your affiliate account from the Client Area (see Link to Us section in the image above).
5. Click Update.