About Products

The Products section of your Dashboard allows you to add the products or services you want to display on your website.
Each product must be associated with a category, therefore, you must create the category before you can add the products associated with it.

Code, Idioms and Images

Each product that you enter in your Dashboard consists of three elements:
  1. Product Code - Represents a name or code that uniquely identifies the product or service.
  2. Product by Idiom - Represents the name of the product or service in each language that you have activated for your website.
  3. Product Image - Represents the image of the product or service that allows to recognize it unequivocally.

Menu Template

The products or services that you enter in your Dashboard will appear associated to their respective category and listed in the Menu template.
The Menu template can be associated with a main menu option of your website as explained in How to add Menu.