About Site Description

The site description is the information that will appear in the different search engines like Google or Bing, along with the title of your website and some other information.
Through this section, you can add a description of your website in each language that you have activated in the Dashboard for your website.

Achieve better positioning of your website

The consistency of information is highly appreciated by the various search engines and is an essential part if you want to achieve a good positioning of your website.
Your URL (address that you enter in the browser), title and description of your website must be related to each other, so that the whole conveys a coherent and clear message, which undoubtedly allows anyone to clearly identify what that you want to broadcast.
The description of your website plays a fundamental role in the transmission of your message and should pay special attention to this brief summary, about 160 characters, because through this description should draw the attention of the person who performs the search and achieve that accept your invitation to visit their website.