Now all Vigeowebsite packages of themes, images and icons can be easily accessed from your Client Area

To download any Vigeowebsite package from your Client Area follow the steps below: 
  1. Login in your Client Area
  2. Select Support > Downloads
  3. Under Categories select the category of the pack you want to use.
  4. Under Files click on the pack you want to use to download the json file.
  5. Login to your Dashboard and upload the file that you downloaded in step 4:
    • Theme Pack - Click Look > Theme > New Complete > Add Theme
    • Submenu Icons Pack - Click Settings > Submenu Icons > New Collection > Add json file
    • Promotion Images Pack - Click Settings > Promotion Images > New Collection > Add json file
    • Form Images Pack - Click Settings > Form Images > New Collection > Add json file
The new packages that we add later can also be accessed for free from this same section.
Soon we will add packages of Color Schemes compatible with any of the themes. 
To download the packages of color schemes follow the same steps above, then from your Dashboard:
  1. Click Look > Theme
  2. Click on the Colors button under Actions that belongs to the theme to which you want to add the color scheme package.
  3. Click Upload > Add json file
The color schemes that are in any of these packages, can be uploaded in multiple themes, as required.