New Vigeowebsite Version 1.3.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release Vigeowebsite Version 1.3.1 which contains a lot of exciting new features, updates, bug fixes and big improvements in performance and usability.

What's New in Vigeowebsite Version 1.3.1?

  • .NET Framework 4.7 - Allows us to access the latest technologies to offer them to our customers through Vigeowebsite.
  • New Themes Module - Now you can upload a complete theme from a newer and more efficient json format, or if you prefer, you can create your own theme directly from your Dashboard.
  • New Optionals Module - Now you have total control to activate and deactivate very easily what you want to use or not on your website, you can also replace some elements with others and even change the default behavior of some elements.
  • New Integrations Module - With this new module we offer you the possibility of further extending the features of your website by integrating it with Third-Party Services such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Tinify and Twilio.
  • New Branding Module - This new module we have created so that Freelancers and Agencies who use our platform to offer their clients a complete service, can easily replace our brand with theirs.
  • New Form Module - If you need to receive any documentation through your website in a secure way, this generic form is the solution.
  • New Promotion Images Module - We have created this new module to offer you full control over the promotional stamps that may appear on the images of your products/services in promotion.
  • New Submenu Icons Module - We now offer you a redesigned and expanded module that will allow you a better and more practical handling of the icons that will appear in the Submenu located in the Home of your Website.
  • Social Media - We have extended the integration with Social Media to also support Vimeo, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat, Medium, Dribbble, Foursquare, VK and SoundCloud.
  • Antivirus Verification - We have included McAfee Trusted Source and VirusTotal Malware Detection in the Antivirus Verification section.
  • New Individual Links - If you want a visitor to your website to be redirected to any other site or service by clicking on a particular image located on your website, with this new option you can now do so.
  • New Activation/Deactivation of Items - Activate only what you need, but upload everything you want and keep it off until you need to use it.
  • New Introduction of Wildcards - We have decided to expand the possibilities of the promotionals that appear in the Home of your website so that they are independent of the products/services.
  • New Help - We are happy to deliver a new and more complete help module that we are sure will be very useful for you to easily manage your website.
  • New About Vigeowebsite - We have built a new About Vigeowebsite that will make it easier to see information about the version and contact us through our social media.

.NET Framework 4.7

  • The .NET Framework 4.7 includes improvements in several areas, between them Enhanced cryptography support and Performance and reliability improvements.
  • Network security is increasingly important particularly for HTTPS and .NET Framework 4.7 helps increase security.

New Themes Module

  • We have done the themes module again to offer total control over each of the elements that make up the themes.
  • Add or delete Headers, Backgrounds or Color Schemes from the themes, you can also individually modify any color of the color schemes even from the preloaded themes.
  • With this new module we have released all the power of the Vigeowebsite themes in a very easy and intuitive tool that will allow you to manipulate the themes to all those who wish to be more creative.

New Optionals Module

  • Now you have a new Enhanced Optionals Module that will allow you to make all the configurations and adjustments you need, covering even many of the features that you may require for your website. 
  • You can find familiar options in the Complementary Menu, Rewards Program and Transition Bar sections. 
  • You will also find the new sections very useful to activate videos on your website and configure your playback options, as well as the sections that allow you to change the maps by images, add an image to the footer and configure the carousels on your website.
  • We have added a section called Products Link Name that allows you to configure the options of the button that appears on the product/service detail screen. We have also added the section General External Links that allows you to configure general links for different items of the same group displayed on your website.
  • We include a section that will allow Change Contact Address Information or, on the contrary, extend it by attaching a reference button to offer your visitors more help to find your business. 
  • In this module we also add the possibility to activate/deactivate the four most important external login providers in the market: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft. In this way, your website will offer your visitors more possibilities to log in.

New Integrations Module

  • Now you can use a wider range of external session initiations using the main providers in the market, you can also use an improved map management and address search, scale and compress the images of your website for better performance and even offer the possibility to its clients to have enterprise level security mechanisms such as Two-factor Authentication with SMS. 
  • This module allows you to activate only the options you want, allowing you to be prepared for a near future, where you require integration with any of the services that we now offer you.

New Branding Module

  • Through this module a Freelancer or Agency can add its own brand image in two sizes and also add a link that points to where they want.
  • The brand banners will be located in the footer of the website of their clients and their sizes are designed to harmonize perfectly with the rest of the website.

New Form Module

  • We have created a predefined and optional generic form that is accessed from your website through a link in the footer, you can write what you want in the link, submit the form with any image you want and also request any documentation to your clients or visitors through a file in pdf format. 

New Promotion Images Module

  • Now you have a module that will allow you to upload images in collections or individually by language and in three different sizes to highlight your products/services in promotion. 
  • Upload the images you want and create different configurations to draw the attention of your visitors or customers about certain products/services.

New Submenu Icons Module

  • We have created for you 25 collections of preloaded icons, which you can expand according to your needs. 
  • Activate only the collections you need, add or remove icons or create new collections, now you have full control of the administration of the icons.

Social Media

  • We have doubled the links to social media.
  • In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Xing, Googleplus and Youtube, we extended the links to social media to also support Vimeo, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat, Medium, Dribbble, Foursquare, VK and SoundCloud.

Antivirus Verification

  • Now you will have access from our SEO module to verify your website with the three main antivirus providers in the market (Norton, Kaspersky and McAfee).
  • Also now has a direct access to VirusTotal to check that your website is clean of Malware.

New Individual Links

  • You can add these individual links where you want, either in the images of the carousels or the categories, you can also add them in the details window of the products/services, in the images that appear in the Contact and We Are screens, and even with these individual links can change the behavior of where the promotional images located in the Home point to. 
  • This new feature greatly expands the possibilities of linking from your website.

New Activation/Deactivation of Items

  • Imagine having several images with different motifs to use in the Carousels of the Home, but you only want some of these images to appear at the current time, this feature does the job. 
  • This option is ideal for those items that you want to appear at certain times and disappear in others. 
  • With this new feature you get great flexibility in the handling of images, but also in the management of categories and products/services if you want only some of them to be active. 
  • You can also limit the images that can be used in the configurations as in the case of the promotional or images that will appear in We Are or Contact. 
  • But the scope is even greater, now you can also activate or deactivate the promotional stamp that appears on the images of the categories or of the products/services, just like how it does with the images that appear in the top carousel of the Home.

New Introduction of Wildcards

  • Now you can create independent promotionals that do not link to anything, or quickly create promotional links to other websites or services.
  • Only by configuring a category and a product like wildcards you will be able to create very quickly all the independent promotionals that you want.
  • The use of a category and a product like wildcards is optional, but very useful if you need to easily use independent promotionals of your products/services.

New Help

  • We have rethought the easiest and most practical way to offer you help and put at your disposal the necessary resources for a better user experience with your Dashboard. 

New About Vigeowebsite

  • From the new window About Vigeowebsite you can also quickly access the Release Notes of the version.
You do not have to do anything, all our updates are automatic.