Vigeowebsite 1.3.1 Release is coming

We are pleased to announce the next release of Vigeowebsite 1.3.1
This release includes a lot of new features, updates, bug fixes and big improvements in performance and usability.
Below is a small sample of what this new release will bring.

.NET Framework 4.7

All code has been rewritten in its entirety to take full advantage of the features and performance of the .NET Framework 4.7.

New Optionals Module

We have created a new Optionals Module with many more features:
  • Easy and quick insertion of videos in predetermined areas.
  • Activating and deactivating videos.
  • Setting video playback options how Autoplay, Mute and Loop.
  • Easily activate a video, an image carousel or a still image in the same area of the layout.
  • You can now replace Google maps with images or switch between them easily.
  • You can easily configure carousel options such as Dots and Arrows.
  • We add the General External Links that we are sure will be very helpful.
  • And many other useful features.

New Integrations Module

We have created this module to facilitate integration with various Third-Party Services:
  • Integrate your website with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft to facilitate your visitors the sign-in process.
  • We have improved the integration with Google Maps for the management of Maps and Places.
  • We have incorporated Tinify for PNG & JPEG Images Compression.
  • We have incorporated Twilio for Two-factor Authentication with SMS.

New Branding Module

We have created this module especially for Freelancers and Agencies who use our platform to offer their clients a complete service:
  • Now you can easily disable Vigeowebsite Brand.
  • You can add their own banners in different sizes.
  • You can link their banners so that their clients are directed to other websites.

New Theme Format

Also thought for Freelancers and Agencies although also for all clients in general. We have greatly optimized the formation of the themes and reduced their size significantly:
  • Now you can modify the color schemes of the predetermined themes.
  • Now you can add themas manually, in addition to using the new json format.
  • New headers and backgrounds can be added to the default or new themes.
  • New color schemes can be added to the default or new themes.

And much more...

  • Now you can manually add icons to a specific collection, in addition to using the json format.
  • You can create and add new form images both in json format and manually.
  • You can create and add new collections of promotional stamps both in json format and manually.
Very soon you will be able to enjoy all these features and many more.
Remember that as one of our valuable customers, you will receive this update automatically and free when available.
Stay tuned for the launch of Vigeowebsite v1.3.1, we will send you an email when you have been updated.