How to buy new Designers Program Plans after activating your Designer Account

We generate a unique unlock code for each new Designer order, you must first apply the unlock code to remove the setup fee from your order and therefore your order obtains a Free Setup Fee.

Purchase Process of any of our Designer Plans

  1. Go to our Support Portal and Login.
  2. Click on Tickets, then on My Tickets click on the Start Ticket button.
  3. In New Ticket for Department choose Sales Department and click the Continue button.
  4. Fill out all required fields on the form:
    • Category - Choose Designers​ Program.
    • Subject - Enter Request to Purchase Designer Plan.
    • Message Body - Enter the Domain Name for your customer.
  5. You will receive a response to your ticket from the Sales Department with the Unlock Code, link for purchase and instructions necessary to be able to make your purchase of the Designer Plan that you want.
  6. After clicking on the link provided, follow the instructions on each page.
  7. In Review & Checkout page, check your Product/Options and verify that the Unlock Code (Promo Code) has been applied then click the Checkout button.
  8. If you have not logged in yet, on Checkout page, click on Already Registered? button and enter your Email Address and Password.
  9. ICANN Verification - If during the process of purchasing the Designer Plan you have registered a new domain with us, you will receive an email to verify the domain. To complete this verification click on the link to verify your email address. It is important that you do not forget to perform this verification. If you did not verify the domain and the domain has been temporarily suspended see You have reached a domain that is pending ICANN verification.
  10. After we receive and process your order, you will receive an email stating that Your Vigeowebsite Account Starts to be Configured. Check your spam folder if it's missing. See How long does it take to activate my account?
  11. After a maximum period of 24 hours you will receive a second email stating that Your Vigeowebsite Account Configured, this email contains all the information you will need in order to begin using your new account associated with the Designer Plan you purchased for your customer. Check your spam folder if it's missing.

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