Example Rewards Process for Resellers

Suppose you make a direct sale by clicking on our banner and new customer acquires any of our Vigeowebsite Plans.
The same day of the customer purchase
  • You receive a Commissions Pending Maturation: $50.00
30 days after customer's purchase
  • If the customer you referred to us still continues with the service, you receive Available Commissions Balance: $50.00.
  • You can already make a Request Reward for the Available Commissions Balance and suppose you make the request.
  • We process your request and we transfer your Available Commissions Balance to your PayPal account associated with the email that you have registered with us. You should note that PayPal will charge you a commission for every transfer we make to your PayPal account. Currently, PayPal will charge you 2.9 percent of the amount we send you ($1.45), plus an additional 30 cents ($0.30). In our example, we transfer to your PayPal account $50.00 and you get $48.25 net in your PayPal account.