About We Are

We Are is the section of your Dashboard that allows you to add a description of you, your company, business, products or services.
Also in this section you can add a text apex to express the most relevant of your message such as: time and competitiveness of your company or business or the main characteristics of your product or service.
In general, both in the Description and in the text apex, you can add the message you want and express the main purpose for which you created your website.

Expand your audience

You can add both the description and the text apex in each of the languages you have selected to display the information on your website.
It is true that images are of fundamental importance in what you want to convey and if in addition, you add a brief message that clearly exposes your visitors to the purpose of your website and in a language that they can understand, you will be reaching your goal of transmit your message to a wider audience.