How to add Legal Warning

You can also learn the contents of this manual with our tutorial video.
You can see an example of this step-by-step in our visual manual.

Follow step-by-step instructions below

2. From the Dashboard main menu, expand Look.
3. Under Look you can see the Legal Warning option.
4. Click Legal Warning to display the screen that shows the legal warnings.
5. Select New Site Legal Warning.
6. You will see the New Site Legal Warning screen.
7. Click on the box next to Culture to select the language in which you wish to add the legal warning.
8. Select Add pdf file.
9. You will see the Open/Abrir PDF File screen.
10. Select the PDF file for the language selected in the previous step and click Open/Abrir.
11. If all OK you will see the pdf file size.
12. Select Save to upload legal warning.
13. Wait for the Dashboard to verify the legal warning.
14. If all OK you will see the legal warning on the screen that shows the legal warnings uploaded in your Dashboard.
15. Actions allow you to Edit or Delete the legal warning.