About Idioms

The Idioms section allows you to select the languages in which you want to present information on your website.
Currently you can activate up to six languages: EN (English), ES (Spanish), DE (German), FR (French), IT (Italian), PT (Portuguese), later we will add new languages.
After you select the idioms with which you want to work, the Dashboard will automatically ask you in each respective area for the information in each of the languages you have selected.
For example, if you selected English and Spanish as the idioms in which you want to display your website, when you enter a product, the Dashboard will ask for the name in English and Spanish, as well as its description in addition to any other information that is susceptible to change depending on the language used.

How do your visitors interact with the idioms of your website?

Depending on the number of languages you have selected in your Dashboard to display your website, your visitors will encounter one of these three cases:
  1. You selected a single idiom - Your website will not have options to change the language because your page will only display the only language you selected.
  2. You selected two idioms - Your website will show your visitors the two languages available, highlighting the language currently in use. Your visitors will be able to move from one language to another, simply by clicking on the language in which they want to see your website.
  3. You selected more than two idioms - Your website will show your visitors an icon with the world figure, followed by the active language. Your visitors, after clicking on the world icon, will be able to see and select any of the languages that you activated for your website.

Automatic detection of browser language

Your website automatically detects the language of your visitor's browser when they first visit your website.
If you have selected more than one idiom for your website and some of them match the language detected, your visitor will see your website in the same language as the browser he is using, then he can change the initial language to any other language active on your website.
If you only have one idiom active for your website, it will only be displayed in that language, regardless of the language of your visitor's browser.

More languages, greater range

Showing your website in different languages allows you to get your message across to a wider audience, which is why we have started by offering you six powerful commercial languages and we continue working to add more languages in upcoming versions.
You can start by creating your website with one or two idioms and gradually adding more languages when you need it.
You can also deactivate a previously active idiom on your website and reactivate it at any time.