Manage User

After the user login to the Dashboard or the visitor login on to your website, the user's or visitor's login ID appears in the upper right corner of the screen, on that identifier can be clicked to access the Manage User screen.
In the Manage User screen, the Dashboard user or visitor to your website can perform the following tasks.
Modify User Profile
It allows to modify the data of the user of the Dashboard or the data of the visitor who accedes to its website.
Change Password
To change the password used by the Dashboard user or the visitor of your website to access.
Phone Number
Add, Modify, Delete the Phone Number of the user of the Dashboard or the visitor that accesses your website, this requires the activation of an additional SMS messaging service.
Two-Factor Authentication
Enabled/Disabled security additional to the user's regular login.
Manage External Logins (only website users)
Visitors to your website can also manage their external logins by adding or removing the possibility of accessing your website from Google or Facebook