Send email from an existing domain that has its own mail servers

If you already had a registered domain when you purchased your Vigeowebsite Plan, you followed the steps in I purchased my Vigeowebsite Plan with a domain I already had and you wish to continue using your previous email servers to send and receive emails, you should follow the steps below:
  1. Go to your account in the Domain Registrar or Hosting that manages the domain with email service that you want to continue using.
  2. Look for the option that allows you to view the DNS zone records.
  3. Copy all MX (Mail Exchanger) records  you see, the relevant information is: Priority and Point to (email host).
  4. Get the host names your registrar or hosting uses for: email/mail, pop, imap and smtp.
All the above steps must be done in your account in the Domain Registrar or Hosting that administers your domain with email service, if you have any questions contact the support service they have and ask them for the information.
When you have the information indicated in points 3 and 4, open a ticket to the Support Department and select the Domains category, indicate Add MX records in the subject and send us the information. We will set everything up for you.