How to add contact email

The contact email that you configure in Contact, is the email account that allows your visitors to send you information from the contact form of your website and is also the email account through which you will contact your customers when they register on your website.
Before you can send email from your Dashboard and send and receive email from your website you must first set up your contact email.
Follow the steps below to set up your contact email
1. Create a new contact email address such as (replace with your domain)
2. Go to your Dashboard at 
3. Log in to your Dashboard, enter your Email and Password (how in your Vigeowebsite account).
4. Select Shop and then Contact
5. In Contact you can see, among other fields, the following: SMTP Server, Enable SSL, Port, Email and Password
6. Enter the following information in each of the fields:
  • SMTP Server:
  • Enable SSL: Leave the box unchecked
  • Port: 25
  • Email: The one you created in step 1 (ex.
  • Password: The one you assigned in step 1
7. After updating you will be able to send mail from your Dashboard and send and  receive mail from your website